Solutions for the biodiversity in the cities. 

Eugea’s gardens are decorated packets of plant seeds, selected by entomologies of the University of Bologna to attract diverse biodiversity to you home. The Gardens contain seeds of flower plants whose nectar is particularly loved by grown up butterflies and friendly insects. In this way you can contribute to the recreation of biodiversity hotspots of these insects. The butterflies are beautiful to watch and also useful to pollinate and to contribute to biodiversity. If you plant Eugea seeds you will have the chance to observe nature closely staying at your place at home . You can create in your own home a throughout picture of nature.

Each packet contains 4 boxes.
Each box has one variety of seeds
The butterfly garden contains seeds of Cosmos, Zinnia, Phacelia and Wild fennel.
The seeding can be done on the soil or – at least – in pot 20 cm wide each little box

Measure: 6x6cm,small boxes inside 3x3cm
Language: available in Italian, German, English, French

PRICE € 10,00  (Vat incl.)